About Us


Sometimes in life you just have to go for it.  When I graduated college in 2004 with an apparel design degree, I had a dream of owning my own boutique.  We all know what happens next.  Wedding.  Corporate Jobs.  Babies.  Life.  Fast forward to now.  I'm a blessed wife and stay at home momma to 4 wonderful kiddos.  My husband Jason and I are ready to show our kids what it's like to go for your dreams.  Let's do this thing.  

This shop goes out to the totally rad me sporting top notch bangs and wearing that amazing sweater.  Keep being fierce girlfriend, the braces and the glasses are coming.

xoxo - Jackie    


Totally Rad is dedicated to providing women an opportunity to shop in one place for versatile on-trend clothing without breaking the bank.  We take pride in our high quality pieces by partnering with the best brands in the market. Shopping with us is more than just shopping, it's an experience.

Totally Rad believes that all women should feel beautiful.  Thank you for trusting us to give you the designs, silhouettes and fabrications that will make you feel like the gorgeous confident woman that you are.

Welcome to the Totally Rad family!